Controversial NY-based Sticker Campaign

November 20, 2010

When we first heard about a controversial sticker campaign in New York City, we were disappointed. After all, we thought we were being original.

But, as we’ve learned more about the anonymous effort, featuring stickers reading I park in bike lanes… I’m an asshole, it has become obvious our two campaigns are, ideologically, very different. The bikers participating in the NY-based campaign are openly antagonistic – using the stickers as an “assertive fuck you.”

By contrast, we’re making every effort to minimize motorist inconvenience (for example, we ordered dozens of sticker samples to assure an easy-to-peel product). We believe we’re more apt to influence behavior by sparking curiosity, rather than anger.

Learn more about the NY-based campaign here (from The Daily Green), and let us know what you think.

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