Support Bikes for Tykes this Holiday Season

November 30, 2010

We’re thrilled to add our voices and dollars to those supporting Bikes for Tykes this holiday season.

Bikes for Tykes is a nonprofit organization devoted to refurbishing gently used, pre-loved bicycles and providing them to children who would otherwise go without. Recipients receive safety equipment, lessons in safe riding and access to community activities.

From the website

No one forgets the joy of receiving their first bicycle. A bicycle empowers a child, giving them their first taste of true independence, self reliance, self-esteem, and helping build the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

Please consider donating your time, gently used bicycles and/or dollars this holiday season and throughout the year.

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1 Response to Support Bikes for Tykes this Holiday Season

  1. I may actually have a bike to donate. does good work too.

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