Cyclist’s Death Inspires Driver’s Ed Legislation

By Zachary Kussin
Cuny Graduate School of Journalism
In Collaboration with The New York Times
December 3, 2010

It was bicyclist Jasmine Herron’s death after she was hit by an opening car door on the corner of Washington and Atlantic Avenues in September that prompted State Senator Eric Adams to introduce Legislation S. 8487 to the New York State Senate.

Ms. Herron, a 23-year-old art-school graduate and barista, was killed in September after a car door knocked her off her bike and into the path of a city bus.

Senator Adams’ bill, which would require a unit of bicycle safety instruction as a part of the state’s mandatory pre-licensing driver education course, is designed to ensure that future motorists are aware of the potential dangers to bicyclists on the road.  Read more…

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