Meet the Bicycle Accident Victims Fund

December 16, 2010

We stumbled across a new initiative, Bicycle Accident Victims Fund, established to provide financial assistance to bicyclists involved in bicycle-motorist crashes (where they are not at fault).  BAVF was founded in December, 2010 and will begin providing support early next year.

The initiative’s goal is twofold – to help cyclists defer both legal and non-legal costs associated with their crashes. Awards from BAVF are based on established criteria and range from hundreds of dollars to thousands. Determinations of eligibility are made within 3-5 days of receipt of completed applications, and fund distributions are made within 30-90 days.

Support and donations for the BAVF come through annual memberships from law firms, as well as donations and in-kind services from corporations, foundations, individuals, governmental agencies, organizations, philanthropists, club and team memberships and through the sale of RiderID.

To learn more, visit

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