Upper East Side’s Biggest Bike Advocate is Only 13

By Amy Zimmer
December 20, 2010

Upper East Sider Clark Vaccaro is only 13, but he has become an outspoken advocate for bike lanes.

UPPER EAST SIDE — Clark Vaccaro is passionate about bicycling and the need for protected bike lanes.

He’s spoken publicly in support of the issue, so far at six community board meetings in three different neighborhoods and at a City Hall hearing in December.

It may not be unusual to see a rabidly pro-cyclist speaking out. But this Upper East Sider just turned 13.

Clark hadn’t even turned 5 when he went on his first big bike ride with his dad, Steve Vaccaro. They rode from their former home in Long Island City and across the Queensboro Bridge; Clark was on training wheels.

Together, they’ve traveled mainly by bike since Clark turned eight, cycling daily to Clark’s private school, the Calhoun School, on the Upper West Side, through all weather except sleet.

“It combines the efficiency of a car or bus or public transit with the up close experience of a pedestrian with the added benefit of exercise,” Clark said of his transportation mode.  Read more…

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