Obama Keeps Promise on Promoting Bicycle, Pedestrian Projects

By Louis Jacobson
St. Petersburg Times
January 4, 2011

During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised to “ensure that more Metropolitan Planning Organizations create policies to incentivize greater bicycle and pedestrian usage of roads and sidewalks.”

The administration has taken several steps to advance the the cause of cyclists and pedestrians and, in some cases, has done so in concert with Metropolitan Planning Organizations.

Bicycle and pedestrian projects across the country received more than $141 million in funding through the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (or TIGER) grant program. TIGER grants, which were created by the economic stimulus bill, are designed to boost “multimodal” projects — those that involve more than one type of transportation — with a preference for those located in economically distressed areas.

TIGER grants with bicycle and pedestrian components were awarded to a range of projects, including initiatives in Benton and Washington counties, Ark.; greater Oakland, Calif.; Bridgeport, Conn.; New Haven, Conn.; Peach County, Ga.; Hailey, Idaho; Peoria, Ill.; Indianapolis, Ind.; Revere, Mass; Staples, Minn.; Philadelphia, Pa./Camden, N.J.; and Burlington, Vt.  Read more and view sources…

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