Rahm Emanuel Promises to Expand Chicago’s Bicycle Network

February 6, 2010

Chicago bikers take note – Mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel has released his plan for expanding Chicago’s bicycle network. Among the specifics (from www.chicagoforrahm.com):

  • Chicago’s 125 miles of bike lanes cover a small portion of the city’s 5000 miles of roads. Rahm wants to dramatically increase the number of miles added each year – from 8 to 25 – and prioritize the creation of protected bike lanes.
  • Rahm is committed to having the (Bloomingdale) trail built and functional during his first term. He will ensure the City is expediting review of all related permits, and will co-chair the committee to raise private capital for that portion of the fundraising effort. Because the Trail offers safe routes to schools and fits under the Obama administration’s sustainable communities initiative, Rahm will work to leverage federal dollars that are intended for these types of innovative pilot projects.
  • Rahm will push an ordinance to change building codes for all office buildings with more than 200 tenants, requiring that they offer protected bike storage facilities at the rate of one spot for every 20 employees in the building.
  • Rahm will also work to replace the bike parking that was lost in neighborhoods when 40,000 parking meters were removed and replaced with the current pay boxes. The meters served the dual purpose of providing a secure base to lock a bike. There are currently 12,000 bike racks, providing 24,000 spaces. Rahm will work to double that number by adding racks and sheltered bike parking in the neighborhoods and downtown to increase convenience and security for bikers who do not have parking at their buildings.

Learn more about Rahm Emanuel’s transportation plan here.

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2 Responses to Rahm Emanuel Promises to Expand Chicago’s Bicycle Network

  1. David says:

    Yeah, he’s saying that now to get your vote but what happens afterwards is another thing.
    That’s a chance I don’t want to take. My vote is still a write in for Amy Repubicsn that warts the vote.

  2. Jeff Saad says:

    I saw him riding tonight at Milwaukee and Ashland. He said nice night for a ride and I was like yeah.

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