Green Boxes New Tool for Bike Safety

By Tom Adams
August 31, 2011

They’re starting to pop up at intersections around town.

And hardly anyone knows what they’re for.

The green bike boxes puzzled every passerby KVAL News queried on Tuesday.

“I assume it’s for the bike lanes,” was the closest answer.

The green paint is an extension of the bike lane intended to create a safe area for bicyclists to reduce conflicts with motor vehicles.

“It’s a staging place for bicyclists,” explained Lee Shoemaker, Eugene Bicycle Program Manager. “When they have a green light, they would cross the intersection as they normally do, but when there’s a yellow or red light and the cars are going to stop, they can stage right there.”

If you’re a driver, Shoemaker said you’re supposed to stop behind the fat white line and let bikes queue up ahead. The idea is to prevent crashes with bikes when cars want to turn right.

The green box is in place at 11th and Alder, and a second safety box is planned for East 13th.

Other potential conflict areas, like the bike lane at 11th near Mill Street, got the green treatment, too.

“This is a new type of feature that’s sanctioned by federal highways now, and so I would expect in future projects that we would see more of these,” Shoemaker said.

He said the City of Portland has used these same green boxes and that they’ve made a difference for safety. Shoemaker hopes the same can happen in Eugene.

Watch the video here…

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2 Responses to Green Boxes New Tool for Bike Safety

  1. Luis says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ this, Brian. I work a half block from here, and wish I would have seen it all must have been out too early or late. oh well. Your vids are getting betetr and betetr.

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