$1.50 Paper Bike Helmet Concept Makes Bike Share Programs Safer

Posted by Jordan Carr
July 8, 2013

untitledWith bike share and rental programs taking off across the US, safety has become a huge concern for travelers looking to optimize city time via a bicycle. But lugging around a helmet can be a bit cumbersome and renting one can often be downright nasty. Enter the Paper Pulp Helmet. A 100% recycled and recyclable, simple, inexpensive option for riders looking to stay safe when having their personal helmet is not an option.

The Paper Pulp Helmet’s designers claim it “meets stringent European safety standards”, and that they’ll be able to sell the packing material’esque helmets for about $1.50 retail – making them cheap and much safer than riding without a helmet – the option that many, unfortunately, seem to choose when renting a bike.

Currently the Paper Pulp Helmet is still in its infancy stages, but the concept is a great solution to an inherent problem liability issue with the bike share programs worldwide.

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