Somerville to Fine Bike Lane Blockers $50

By Monica Jimenez
Wicked Local Somerville
October 18, 2013

untitledAre you one of those drivers who’ll park in the bike lane while picking up a  coffee from Dunkin Donuts or waiting for a friend to come downstairs?

Starting next month, you’ll be fined $50 and possibly towed.

A new amendment to city traffic laws, adding bike lanes to the list of  places where drivers may not leave their vehicles, goes into effect Oct. 31.  Other amendments to the General Towing Prohibitions and the Penalties sections  allow for a vehicle to be towed or a driver to be fined $50 in the event that  someone does park on a bike lane. Police say they’ll have no problem enforcing  the law, but are concerned with cyclists disobeying traffic requirements as  well.

Cyclist Lauren Clayton said the requirement was “vague” and asked to include  the clause, “subject to complaint by bicyclists,” which the Traffic Commission  approved, said Somerville Police traffic commander James Polito.

“We supported it. I hope it’s effective….we’ll see,” said Somerville  Bicycle Advisory Committee member Enid Kumin at a city Bicycle Committee meeting  this week. “I recognize that it’s rough in narrow streets to find somewhere to  park – hopefully the automobiles will uphold [the regulations] in good  faith.”

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