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Local Businesses Need Not Fear New Bike Lanes, Seattle Study Suggests

By Jeff Spross ThinkProgress August 15, 2013 Businesses often fret that installing bike lanes on their streets will cut down customer traffic, but a new study published at Seattle Transit Blog found no evidence to back up that worry. One way to fight climate … Continue reading

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Fatal Traverse City Hit-and-Run Crash Elevates Push to Make Road Safety Improvements

By Kyle Moroney MLive July 18, 2013 A push to make streets in Traverse City more pedestrian and cyclist friendly is getting more attention following the crash earlier this month that killed 29-year-old Kelly Hurlbert. Since last July, Traverse City planning … Continue reading

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It’s the ‘Bicycle Spring’

By John Yemma The Christian Science Monitor July 1, 2013 Long shunted to the side of the road — and sometimes denied the road entirely — the humble, fragile, friendly bicycle is merging into mainstream traffic in unprecedented numbers around … Continue reading

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Groupon Supports Active Transportation Alliance to Honor Staffer’s Memory

Robert “Bobby” Cann was killed Wednesday, May 29th, as he was biking home from his job at Groupon in Chicago. Here’s what the Huffington Post reported (Posted: 05/31/2013  6:04 pm EDT  |  Updated: 06/01/2013  1:01 pm EDT) – Cann was heading home from … Continue reading

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Motorists To Urban Planners: Stay In Your Lane

By Franklyn Cater NPR July 18, 2012 Cities and cars share a conflicted relationship these days. Environmental concerns, growing traffic congestion and an urban design philosophy that favors foot traffic are driving many cities to try to reduce the number … Continue reading

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Washington Ranks as Most Bike Friendly State in the Nation

By Emanuella Grinberg CNN May 24, 2012 For the fifth year straight, Washington ranked as the country’s most bicycle-friendly state, thanks to policies designed to create alternatives to driving, according to the League of American Bicyclists. The advocacy group’s Bicycle … Continue reading

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Friday Fun: Vending Machine for Bike Parts

By Itir Sonuparlak The City Fix July 8, 2011 Alex Anderson and Chad Debaker, two “bike people,” created a vending machine that holds bike parts like lights, patch kits and tubes for cycling commuters. Located in Minneapolis, Minn. with only … Continue reading

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Bike Lane Vernacular

By Stacey Meekins Special for June 6, 2011 What were once considered progressive bicycle facilities are becoming more common in communities across the country. This is great news for those of us who like to use a bicycle to … Continue reading

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Bicycle Commuting Trends in the United States

By Kory Northrop Univerity of Oregon 2011 After multiple decades of auto-centric funding and policies, the American transportation system and built environment has become difficult to navigate by methods other than the automobile. This reality is highlighted by the fact … Continue reading

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L.A. City Council Approves Bicycle Master Plan

By Kate Linthicum Los Angeles Times March 1, 2011 The Los Angeles City Council approved a new blueprint Tuesday for the city’s streets that shifts focus away from automobiles. The bicycle master plan calls for an eventual network of 1,680 miles of interconnected bikeways, including more … Continue reading

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