Join the Bike Lane Sticker Team

Do you bike to work? For fun? Are you interested in bicycle safety? Do you like what we’re trying to accomplish here at

Join the Bike Lane Sticker Team (BLST)!

Join PageBut first, consider the following –

BLST members are good bikers. They obey traffic signs and signals. They know the rules of the road, and they follow them. Links to statewide bike laws can be found to the right. Check them out and ride responsibly.

BLST members are good people. They are committed to peaceful coexistence with motorists and to fostering productive dialogue. They do not yell at motorists or vandalize cars (note, our stickers are static clings and may only be applied, one per car, to windows).

Still interested? Click here to order your stickers. You will be prompted to make a small monetary donation to cover the cost of printing.

Not cut out for the Bike Lane Sticker Team? You can still be part of our community. Email us bicycle-related news, information and/or pictures for inclusion on our site. And don’t forget to spread the word!

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