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Amazing Dutch Bike Path Embedded With Solar Panels

By Tracy McGill Metaefficient February 1, 2011 What could make bike riding even more efficient? How about a bike path embedded with solar panels to produce clean energy while encouraging people to get on their bikes? The town of Krommenie … Continue reading

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There Oughta Be a Law. Well, There Is.

Editorial The New York Times December 16, 2010 Let’s be clear. We like bicycles. They are good for our air, good for our health, and, perhaps even someday, good for our traffic problems. New York City has about 483 miles … Continue reading

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Barcelona’s Seaside Bike Path is a Cyclist’s Dream

By Sean O’Driscoll Associated Press November 18, 2010 BARCELONA, Spain — Unfortunately for travelers who like getting around on two wheels, Barcelona’s bike-sharing program, Bicing, is off-limits to tourists. But Bicing has helped fuel the city’s growing love for bicycles. And … Continue reading

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